REAL ESTATE MARKET PREDICTION January 2021 Market Trend: Contra Costa- Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, Martinez, Concord

REAL ESTATE MARKET PREDICTION January 2021 Market Trend: Contra Costa- Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill

hey it’s Tanja with your monthly trends

report for january of 2021.

so what happened in january of 2021 for

walnut creek pleasant hill concord and


so when we compare this past january to

january of last year in 2020

we can see that the number of homes

listed for sale right so this is the

inventory how many homes

are on the market the only walnut creek

went up by about 15

pleasant hill remained the same as

january of last year concord was down by

about 30 percent of martinez was down by

about 14

they’re uh somewhat up from december

walnut creek was up by 11

pleasant hill is actually down by 14


uh up by six martinez up by a whopping

50 percent

so again we have to put this in context

of what does this

mean you know is this a lot of houses

for sale is this not

so one of the ways that we uh gauge that

is by using months worth of inventory

and the way

um you know this is this is understood

is it five

months or less worth of inventories

considered a seller’s market

and seven months or more is considered a

buyer’s market so right now

everyone is under one month’s worth of

inventory so this is a really strong

seller’s market because there’s just not


homes for to meet the demand of all

those buyers you know right now

interest rates are super super

historically low and there are a ton

of buyers out there you know there’s

places that i’m hearing getting 16

offers 37 offers 20 offers and the

competition is really really fierce

so walnut creek has eight tenths of a

month pleasant hill is half a month

conquered six tenths of a month and

martinez has four tenths of a month

so um you know a lot of things play into

this because you know not all houses

and not all houses in a hot market are

the same level of hotness and you’ll

hear me say that over and over

and it’s because you know things like

the condition of the home the location

of the home

even the skills and the experience of

the realtor selling a home

are going to play a difference in how

fast the house sells and for how much

so with that being said the average sold


um in this past january when we compare

it to

january of the previous year they were

actually up in all four cities

some more than others walnut creek was

up only four percent pleasant hill was


23 that’s great concord was up 19

and martinez was only up by like 1

which is not really significant so i

just wanted to also put this

in context of some of the real estate


experts and their predictions for the

2021 year on the national level

and i wanted to mention corelogic

because their prediction is that home

prices are going to continue to go up

but not as quickly as what we’ve seen


and i like corelogic core logic is

really cool because they pray

base their predictions on data and facts

and not the news

so they expect continued growth and


in the first half of 2021 but they feel

that it might slow down

in the second half of the year so we’ll


so if you want to talk to me about

selling or buying your home and you have

questions about what does this mean for

you and your situation

feel free to reach out to me my contact

information is

in the comments below otherwise give me

a like subscribe to my channel and tap

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