88% of buyers purchased their home through a real estate agent or broker

– National Association of Realtors

We Love Our Clients. See Some Of Their Stories…

Helping local Oakland area home owners enrich their lives through the place they call home is always something we love. We’re happy to call Oakland and CA home and look forward to adding your story to our growing list of happy clients.

From across the country she helped me sell my home

Just wanted to give a shout out to Tanja! From across the country she helped me sell my home, doing everything needed and I mean everything, to get it done. She was always available and ready to help. You’re in good hands if you turn to her to sell or buy your next home.

Sussi Voak

She had excellent advice, contacts, and experience with what to look for in properties.

Tanja helped us get into our first home. She had excellent advice, contacts, and experience with what to look for in properties. She really made it easy for us as first-time home buyers to navigate the entire home-buying process. Tanja’s friendly and great to work with!

Ahren Lehnert

Tanja is simply the best realtor I could ever hope for

I can’t say enough good things about my experience with her. The real estate market in Oakland and the East Bay is so challenging and stressful and Tanja was with me every step of the way. I often Got discouraged when my offer was not accepted and she really helped me figure out how to negotiate this stressful and complicated life process in a way that made it manageable. There was no other person I’d ever work with in Eastbay to buy or sell a property and she’s also just a wonderful person to work with great positive attitude, and You have to hire her if you’re looking for a home, you will not regret it.

Yvette Westlake

Tanja will help you buy or sell, she will work to understand your situation and priorities to best advocate for you.

Tanja is always available and super responsive. She never fails to let a text message or phone call slip through. Tanja makes the perfect team to be able to tackle any issue or question that may arise. Tanja an innovative, creative, energetic, marketing genius who is not afraid to take risks and try something new. Additionally, they are genuinely involved in their communities in terms of understanding specific neighborhoods and community outreach. Whether helping you buy or sell, they will work to understand your situation and priorities to best advocate for you.


Tanja were forthright, informative and collaborative with us, and we feel very grateful for their expertise

Working with Tanja (and Joey) was about as easy it can be. They were highly responsive to emails and texts, and truly made this process much less stressful than it might have been, given that we were putting our home on the market at the height of COVID shelter-in-place ordinances in the Bay Area. We couldn’t have been more blessed for their joint care and expertise. They were forthright, informative, and collaborative with us, and we feel very grateful for their expertise. We chose them because dear friends also had a positive experience selling with them, and we’re glad to say it was everything we expected based on this recommendation.  We really appreciated their wide range of expertise – from staging and decor to pricing and upgrades. We went with almost all of their connections to subcontractors and all were excellent in their work and easy to connect with. We had to replace our carpet, get painting done, clean our windows, and stage the place and they had people for us to work with at every turn. It truly couldn’t have been easier and it was always affordable and fair. It was important to us to get local support and with small businesses and they always had those connections.  Our loft was only on the market a little longer than expected and the process from offer to final sale felt like it just breezed by. They set us up with easy ways to communicate and were usually one step ahead of any questions we had. Having them both weighing in on our circumstances was a real gift – you can tell that they enjoy working together, respect each other, and have a balance of strengths. Can’t recommend these two enough – they were dialed into us as their client, respectful of how we wanted to approach selling in a time of rapid gentrification of Oakland, and took time to walk us through their process from start to finish. They really know the Bay Area market and they are well connected. You will not be disappointed with these two women.

zak parpia

We literally could not have done it without Tanja!

She was there for my sister and I every step of the way as we went through the difficult process of selling our family home in Oakland after our dad passed away. The house might have been sellable (sale-able?) as is, but it was not your every day single-family home. It needed updates and some creative thinking. Tanja never blinked, took it as an interesting challenge, and with optimism helped us through to a sale. Tanja truly did find that “needle in a haystack buyer” for us! Her research, knowledge and marketing truly WORKED. She also explained things all along the way, had excellent communication, was SO quick to respond when offers came in, and was just a joy to work with. Tanja is a trustworthy, highly knowledgeable, responsive, and respectful real estate agent. I would recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell in the Bay Area without hesitation. Tanja will take GREAT care of you.


Working with Tanja was the best experience.

My wife and I were pregnant and had our baby within 1 week of working with her. She was patient with our home search. We actually placed an offer on a home we loved that first week, but unfortunately we were out bid. Due to the competitiveness of the housing market in the bay area, we were tempted to search in higher ranges and place higher offers, however we had to reel it back and we continued to be patient with our search until we found the right home. We eventually did and Tanja helped us place an offer at the right price to get the home without overspending. This was outstanding. We ended up with the perfect house for us and we could not have done it without her.

Tanja excels with knowledge of the market, as Oakland typically under prices. There were many homes we thought were in our range but it turned out the sellers wanted 100k-200k over the asking. This helped us not even look at these homes due to over budget.

She also is extremely informative and detailed with the inspections and disclosures. Every home before putting an offer we discussed all the disclosures to make sure we were ok with what we were offering. She is big on drainage, foundation, and pointing out areas which some people do not see.

Overall great experience and we would use her again and recommend to anyone.

Tyler Finfrock

Tanja is a fiercely passionate and committed Realter, She Midwife and stewarded me through the sellers’ adventures in all its complexities.

I am glad that from the moment we first met, I felt a sense of ease and trust. She demonstrated that she was a fiercely passionate and committed partner from the first meeting. After an extensive search for an agent to help sell my home in Oakland, CA I stumbled upon Tanja through a referral, in Asheville, NC and search in which I performed a detailed review of her credentials as well as interviewed her for the task of helping sell my family home. With so many realtors (there are close to 200,000 realters in California) I wanted to find someone who genuinely cared about the client’s interest and was not just a salesperson but a proven human and compassionate marketer as well.

Tanja, did not disappoint, I felt that Tanja and her team did an exceptional job from the very start. Tanja quickly demonstrated her competence in real estate and marketing and her deep knowledge of the real estate market. She was able to readily communicate to me the current market dynamics and price points for my home in a way I could understand. Her recommendations were spot on both with respect to market dynamics, pricing, and her recommended approach to how we will market my home. I felt she went above and beyond in supporting all my stages of the process from staging, communication, and negotiations. To help with a tenant’s apartment in buying and placing a carbon monoxide alarm to moving overcrowded spaces in the apartment so that inspection could be complete, in a timely manner. What impressed me the most was when a challenge presented itself Tanja and her team always found a solution that met my expectations. There was never a moment where I did not trust Tanja’s decisions and advice. She has proven herself to be a phenomenally astute realtor with strong credentials, an in-depth knowledge of the market, a confident negotiator, with a proven track record to back this up. I have no question in recommending Tanja to anyone who asks.


Tanja was really amazing to work with.

She offered lots of support at each stage of the home-buying process and made it much simpler and less stressful for us as first-time home buyers. We were faced with a two-week closing time and she got it done with time to spare. I highly recommend Tanja Odzak as a real estate agent.

aidin balo

Tanja worked overtime to deal with me in the Eastern Time zone

Which is 3 hours earlier than she works in (Pacific Time zone). She prepped me for what to expect as I worked through my 1031 Exchange. From repairing the property I sold, working on the mounds of paperwork, the 1031 Exchange company, the Title company, and the mortgage officers, she helped me out and provided the info I needed to move through the process.

The difficult, and stressful part, was finding a new property to purchase within 3 months of selling my old property. She worked quickly, and found a great house for me, within my price point! It was amazing how fast she worked, and how she was able to identify the property types I liked. It was like she opened my thoughts and could visualize what I was looking for, and then found it in physical form! Crazy!


Just wanted to give a shout out to Tanja!

From across the country she helped me sell my home, doing everything needed and I mean everything, to get it done. She was always available and ready to help. You’re in good hands if you turn to her to sell or buy your next home.

Sussi Voak

Tanja was very knowledgeable and she was helping us make an informed decision on each house that we looked at.

“The biggest obstacle when we first started looking for a home in Oakland was with the fact that it was a seller’s market and it just seems so difficult, so daunting of a task to be able to find a home that fits our family’s needs. We really wanted to stay in Oakland and so I think that was truly one of our biggest obstacles. How do we stay in the town that we call home? When it looked like everything was against us.

Working with Tanja was fantastic. She was very knowledgeable and she was helping us make an informed decision on each house that we looked at. I knew Tanja a little bit socially and what I knew of her personality, I could see that she was a go-getter. She was enthusiastic. She knew her stuff. She was smart and intelligent and she was very personable and I appreciated that she really was with us every step of the way. It was one of those thirty different properties but even if we had had to see or gotten to see thirty different properties, she would have been there but she was so present via phone, via text, an email, and then it was one of those. Sometimes we would have to see a property within twenty-four or 48 hours and she would just schedule it. She will be on it. She somehow had all the room in her schedule. I don’t know how she balanced tha but she was just very present and again personable with us throughout the process. She was our quarterback. I guess I don’t know football analogies very well but she helped us get a touchdown. I would recommend Tanja for those who are looking for someone who’s knowledgeable.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Tanja as well. In fact, I have already recommended a couple of people to her um but if you want someone who, again, is going to come alongside you, who’s going to know her stuff throughout the entire greater San Francisco Bay Area, who’s going to do her research, and just assist you and be your partner and your friend along the way, I think Tanja is an incredible fit.”

✨ Realtor Review✨  from Buyers Cara & James- Experience buying a house in Oakland
James & Kara

“Wow. We can’t say enough good things about Tanja. From getting pre-approved, to closing in one of the most competitive markets ever, she killed it. I haven’t met many people with so much drive & compassion in the real estate industry. She never pushed us to offer on a home that wasn’t what we wanted. She never held back on helpful information when viewing homes. She has years of experience both as an agent and as a bay area homeowner. Home maintenance, construction connections, and how to write a competitive offer. She is the expert.PLUS- She fought tooth and nail to close on a complicated and difficult home. WE WOULD NOT HAVE GOTTEN THIS HOME WITHOUT TANJA. I guarantee it. If you have any hesitations on who to work with, let this be your sign. You won’t regret it. Thank you so much- Tyler & Joey”

✨ Realtor Review✨  from Buyers Joey & Tyler - Experience buying a house in Oakland
Tyler & Joey

Tanja is the perfect realtor – she’s always prepared!

“Finding a home in the bay area is never easy. Lack of inventory, sky high prices, bidding wars. If you don’t have the right person representing you, it can be a very painful experience. We had experienced it firsthand, when we bought our first place in the Bay area. So this time, we were very apprehensive about the whole process.

In Tanja, we were lucky to find the perfect realtor, one who came prepared the very first time we met her. She patiently explained all the pros and cons of the properties we liked and how the process will play out. From offer to closing, she not only worked with the other side to get the best deal possible but also with our loan manager, so there are no hiccups on our side. Most importantly, she never let us worry, was available whenever we wanted to vent and was always patient and helped us no matter how rattled we became in finding our new home. She made it happen. We love you T :)”

Usman Raza

“My family met Tanja before COVID at an open house in Oakland. We were new to the scene, so Tanja had to sit us down and give us a reality check: that the norm in the Oakland/Berkeley area is to price insanely low and let the bidding wars drive up the price.

Once COVID hit, we put everything on pause, and didn’t get back in touch with her until the end of 2020. During this time, we also told her we were interested in selling our Dublin home. Fast forward a couple months, we decided to sell our home on a super condensed timeline, so we wouldn’t have to find temporary digs before moving into our new place.

Prepping the house was a logistical nightmare that we didn’t have the time nor the expertise to do. But Tanja was on top of her game with a spreadsheet and calendar tracking our expenses and keeping everything on schedule, even when so many vendors were unavailable. She kept us aprised throughout and always provided a number of vendor options per service (e.g., window cleaning, carpeting, etc.) so that we could choose vendors with quotes we were comfortable paying for. And at one point, she even took a broom in hand and did the sweeping herself.

We knew our home had some great pros along with some cons, and she gave us a price range where she expected the house to sell at to calm our nerves. Lo and behold, she hit the top end of that price range with some serious negotiating chops (we literally saw the offers change on the shared spreadsheet while she worked her magic).

Her patience and tenacity as a realtor is unparalleled. We were an extremely difficult family to work with because we wanted to maximize every nickel we spent on prepping (after all, it’s the largest asset we have). But she stayed professional throughout and treated us with 100% respect, even as we borderline micromanaged and got in her way of her doing her job. Thanks for dealing with us, Tanja, and for sticking it out until the end. Your name will be the first thing out of our mouths if any of our neighbors ask us for realtor recommendations.”

Chen Family

What can I tell you about Tanja? The last two years of my life have been a whirlwind, and Tanja was there for me every step of the way. A family crisis (divorce, death, etc.) forced me to have to sell my home. Not only did she educate me on the process, she calmed my nerves, understood my situation, was patient and helped me to get my home the best it could possibly be to put on the market. My home sold within 7 days of listing, over asking price, no contingencies.

It was the easiest most pain free process I could wish for. Within a year, my life turned around and it was time to buy – even though it was out of her immediate area, Tanja was kind enough to help me find and buy my current home. She even helped me secure a loan while I was re-establishing myself in a new town! There is no stopping her. Tanja is the kindest, most ethical and savvy realtor I’ve ever known. She genuinely cares enough to make sure you are getting the best deal and best home for your lifestyle, and will be honest with your goals… i.e. won’t encourage you to settle just to make the deal. I hope that I’ve been a good enough client to her that she will work with me again if I need to buy or sell in the future. What a gem, full of integrity, and true pleasure to work with. Proud to call her a friend.”

Beth & Stormy

“Tanja communicated every important detail every step of the way. My wife and I have never been through the process of buying a house and whenever we had a question about a step Tanja provided the answer or quickly started investigating the answer.”

Kevin C.

“Tanja has been a joy to work with during this process. We sort of went into this land purchase knowing nothing but having a big dream. She was thoughtful, responsive and really listened. She put in the extra work to talk to to the city and selling realtors about the specifics of what we needed to know and when we decided to put an offer in – she was fast, came with great recommendations and ultimately let us control the narrative. Though the offer wasn’t accepted, we remain in contact and should we find another plot of land that works for us, we’ll absolutely work with Tanja again!”

Ellen M.

“Tanja helped my partner and I research, compare, and view dozens of houses before we decided to make an offer on our first choice. With her help negotiating the terms of sale, we got a great price, found a deal on a loan and were able to purchase a beautiful house! Thank you again Tanja for your patience and expertise.”

Randy A.

“Great listener. Knows what parents need and are looking for. Also, great earrings! We didn’t end up buying in Oakland, but if we had I have confidence that Tanja would have done the job well and professionally.”

Sarna S.

“What can I say really – I never wanted to sell my home, and was emotionally attached to it – sadly I came to a point where life dictated a new path and I had to list my home. Not only did Tanja show up with a plan, but with a plan B and a plan C. She helped answer all my questions thoroughly and was instrumental in coordinating logistics for inspections, staging, meetings and all the prior production work needed to list my home. When challenges arrived, Tanja had solutions and options for every fork in the road. She was also exceptionally kind and compassionate, and literally rolled up her sleeves to help achieve major deadlines.

Her marketing of my home was exquisite – we sold in seven days with many competitive offers to choose from. Tanja made the process bearable for me during one of the most challenging times in my life – AND got me the arrangement I wanted. I would recommend her strongly to anyone, and will call on her again when I’m in the position to buy. Utilize her talent – you won’t regret it!!!

Beth H.

Hard-working, kick-ass realtor!

“Tanja is amazing and fabulous. She recently helped me sell my house. From the beginning, she had a great eye, a great plan, and she stuck to deadlines and got things done. She really put in the work, hit the neighborhood, handed out flyers, and got buyers to the open house. We used an online platform called home bids and it went better than I could have imagined. Market to close in 28 days. If you need a really hard-working, kick-ass realtor, Tanja is your realtor!”

Stephanie W.

“Tanja was excellent. She sold my home for a record price. She was very responsive, had an excellent marketing plan which was executed perfectly. She gave me good advice and answered all my questions promptly. I highly recommend her to anyone. She would do what it takes and very helpful and hardworking. You won’t regret it.”

Kathleen M.

“Tanja understood that I wanted to hand over the sale to her to handle entirely because I was moving back to my previous residence and wanted a clean, trouble free sale which would hopefully provide a young family a good home in this very crazy Oakland market. I wanted my house to go to good people at a fair price and that is exactly what happened. And the entire transaction went very quickly and hopefully happily for all. The new buyers moved in after a 19 day closing. I accepted their offer and there were no problems.”

Gerri S.

“Tanja got our home sold quickly this fall, even though the market had cooled quite a bit. She worked closely with my husband and myself as we got our home market ready. She had lists of referrals for any type of work we needed to do on the house. She had great opinions on what things were most important to do. As we got closer to listing time she really rolled up her sleeves and helped us out, getting laborers for yard work, installing new doorknobs, cleaning up, anything that needed to be done. When the listing was live, she worked so hard getting the Home exposure, canvassing the neighborhood, holding several open houses, even serving wine and cheese! When it was apparent Home sales were slowing down with the fall season, she quickly adjusted her sales plans and got us an offer on our home that we were happy to take. She even introduced us to our realtor in Sacramento where we were able to purchase a wonderful new home.”

Beth M.

“Our situation was somewhat unique, in that we started looking six months in advance. We were prepared to buy if we found “our house”, but perhaps not as fast as some other agents would like. Tanja’s enthusiasm was inspiring whenever we found a home we might be interested in. When we did find the house we ended up buying she helped and guided us through the whole process. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience with Tanja, and would work with her again.”

Hui-Min T.

“We had a very unique but great experience with Tanja. She is super knowledgable, and fun to work with. We had unusual experience with selling during what seemed like the worst time ( Ca fires and off season making air quality unbearable) but she helped keep us uplifted and momentum going and in the end selling our house at a price we were happy with. She also made the closing process pretty smooth and quick. We appreciate all her help and understanding and would highly recommend her in the future!”

Yukiko B.

“As first time home buyers in this crazy competitive Oakland market, my husband and I knew it was not going to be easy. Tanja was wonderfully helpful, patient, communicative and positive throughout the entire process. She worked within our budget and location preferences. When we found our home, Tanja worked swiftly and assertively to get our offer in and accepted! Tanja was a real advocate for us throughout the negotiation process and was able to secure us some credit towards closing costs. It was an intense 21-day close but she pressed the lender to get things done on time. I would absolutely recommend her to any friend or family member!”

Carline A.

“We met Tanja a few months ago and we clicked with her right away. She is very knowledgeable and keeps the process so smooth. She really goes above and beyond from start to finish. She was able to help us get the home we wanted and still stay in the Bay Area close to our family. We would highly recommend Tanja, she is very patient and caring she gets the job done. Thank you Tanja!”

Liz A.

“Tanja is innovative, creative, energetic, marketing genius who are not afraid to take risks and try something new. Additionally she is genuinely involved in the community in terms of understanding specific neighborhoods and community outreach. Whether helping you buy or sell, she will work to understand your situation and priorities to best advocate for you.”

Caren A.

“I met Tanja at an open house back in January 2018. At the time, I did not have a buyer agent, and I knew that person should be Tanja right away because of her knowledge of this field and energetic charisma… She always made herself available to check out those properties regardless it was weekends or weeknights. She also gave me some advice about how to get to know the neighborhood well, which was very insightful… Tanja had a network of professionals who conducted reports about that property… Tanja suggested three different loan officers, and I was able to get a relatively low rate as well. Tanja helped me to navigate different requests from the loan officer, the escrow officer, and the seller… I felt that she always there for me. That is why I am writing this review seven months later {after escrow closed}. As a buyer, I definitely recommend Tanja!”

Sterling H.

“Thank goodness for Tanja! She has been such a pleasure to work with during this crazy process. We were interested in some land to build a dream home and had no idea what we didn’t know. She was thoughtful, curious and determined. She talked to the city (thank goodness because I didn’t want to do that!) and to the sellers realtor and kept us aprised of all the happenings throughout the process. She even recommended we have someone come out (free of charge thanks to her network!) to check out the land and talk to us about how big we could dream (keeping us realistic). It was perfect. I’m bummed our offer wasn’t accepted but I can’t wait to find another lot to build my dreams on! We’ll definitely work with Tanja again.”

Ellen M.

“I don’t know anyone who is more knowledgeable regarding the state of the housing market in the east bay than Tanja. I’ve come to rely on her advice and know I can count on her to make the deal happen. I couldn’t believe you got my family friends a house in this Covid/low-interest-rate crazy market. A great way to get to know Tanja is to check out her series of real-estate videos on Youtube and Facebook. Or Attend Oaktoberfest in the Dimond District, where I have seen her every year since I can remember.”

Eric J.

“Working with Tanja was absolutely fantastic and I strongly recommend her to anyone interested in selling and/or buying a house. My husband and I worked with Tanja to sell our home and purchase a new one during the pandemic and we cannot recommend her enough. I could go on and on about how great she has been but I’ll focus on a few key standout traits:

Local Knowledge – She understands the East Bay incredibly well having lived and worked throughout the area for years. Our house hunt was focused on the Oakland-area and she understood well that the difference of a few blocks can mean a completely different vibe for a neighborhood and she helped us find exactly what we were seeking.

Determination – Selling a home and finding a new home during a pandemic was not without a few bumps in the road and Tanja helped us get through them all, consistently going above and beyond to make sure things moved forward without a hitch.

Action Oriented – Things move fast in Bay Area real estate and Tanja was always ready to pounce when a new house came on the market. This fast action led to us finding our dream home.

Caring – She went beyond simply selling our home and finding us a new one. She really got to know us and our family and we’ve built a lasting relationship. We appreciated that she approach her work from a genuine place and is not transactional. Because she helped us find our dream home we don’t anticipate needing to work with her anytime soon, but if our plans change she’ll be the first one we call.”

Nora S.

“Tanja is very knowledgeable in matters real estate in the Bay Area, she is a one-stop shop. She helped us organise everything we needed so that when we started searching for a home, our search was targeted.

She saved us a lot of time by advising us how to bid correctly so that our bid was strong in this sellers market. We were in escrow within a week!! What I like most is that she walks this journey with us and is available to advise even after the sale was complete.”

Edna A.O.

“Tanja helped us in doing a 1031 exchange which only gave us 45 days to find an exchange property to buy. We not only found an exchange property but finalized the exchange in RECORD TIME……less than 30 days despite having to negotiate the complicated SOLAR PANEL CONTRACT THAT CAME WITH THE HOUSE. Solar panel contracts that come with a home can be DIFFICULT whether its a Lease or Purchase contract, it can be a pain, mission accomplished. Tanja is also diligent at reviewing and explaining the details about the home disclosures. I highly recommend Tanja.”

Hortensia O.

“We had a really great experience with Tanja – the market is crazy right now, so extra challenging and stressful for a first time home buyer. Tanja was with us every step of the way and got us a home in less than a month! She goes above and beyond, giving a full service experience – she is even helping us after closing – helping to find repair people, making suggestions for next steps, answering first time homeowner questions, etc… It was also really interesting to see some of the other deals Tanja has been working on (when signing onto this site) – our sale was one of the smallest that she’s handled in a while and yet, I would’ve never known that, based on how she treated us throughout the process. Tanja was super responsive and always willing to give us her time to step through explanations and questions. She made us feel like her #1 client – and that means a lot. Thanks Tanja!”

Lupine R.

“I absolutely loved working with Tanja for so many reasons. First of all she is incredibly hard-working, are always responsive, no matter the time you email or text. I am not sure how she does it but she was always there to answer questions. She was in constant communication, I always knew where in the process we were, what was happening, and why we were doing things… she was really understanding about my limitations in terms of coming out to the property and really stepped up to help. She found and supervised all the inspections for me, the cleaning crew, and at one point even weeded my front yard to make the pictures look prettier. My favorite part of working with her though was her sense of humor, she had me laughing during the whole process and made something that can be so very stressful almost fun. I had a price I thought I could get for my house and they was really firm that we could get more. I honestly didn’t believe them, real estate agents can be really dishonest, saying they are going to get way above your asking price, just to get your business. But this woman really did her research, priced the home perfectly… and we actually sold $40,000 above asking in less than a month!! She is a really kind and patient person and everyone seems to like working with her, which is great when you consider all the people that have to come together to get a loan and purchase a home. My situation was especially complicated because of my recent divorce and but Tanja was so patient in dealing with all the complications that arose as a result, she always made me feel respected. Most importantly, I especially appreciated working with Tanja because not everyone is LGBT+ friendly and I felt she was really protective of my family and our interests.”

Nazzy P

“Tanja did an excellent job in helping sell my Mother’s home after she passed. I met Tanja at a Chabot Science Center fundraiser a few years ago and she came over to meet my Mom and discuss with us what the house needed to be in a sellable condition. I used this info to start repairs etc. with my Mom’s blessing. Move forward to last October after my Mom’s death, and we went on a high speed process to finish the work by the New Year to present a nice, clean and fresh property. Tanja made suggestions on what to update and what to leave alone, some of which I resisted but in the end were spot on to the taste of today’s buyers. They also excelled in the property showing (5 open-houses in 2 weeks, including a wine and cheese evening reception, resulting in 17 offers and a resulting bidding contest which Tanja handled expertly, keeping us in the loop… I highly recommend Tanja as a professional and competent Real Estate Agent and would use her in the future if I sell my own house.”

John V

“I really can’t say enough great things about Tanja. She was communicative, diligent, knowledgeable, and so supportive when it came to selling my mom’s home (which she had lived in for40+ years). While getting the house ready, Tanja was wonderful about communicating with us about what repairs and enhancements were needed while staying within our budget (this included staging as well!) Not only that, but the house was put on the market as COVID-19 began to ramp up and she handled all of the unknowns like a total pro. I always felt like she had our best interest at heart and am forever grateful for all her help in selling my mom’s house. She is a consummate professional who is also kind and personable, I would recommend her in a heartbeat!”

Ruth P

“Working with Tanja was about as easy it can be… highly responsive to emails and texts, and truly made this process much less stressful than it might have been, given that we were putting our home on the market at the height of COVID shelter-in-place ordinances in the Bay Area. We couldn’t have been more blessed for her care and expertise. She was forthright, informative and collaborative with us, and we feel very grateful for her expertise. We chose her because dear friends also had a positive experience selling with her, and we’re glad to say it was everything we expected based on this recommendation.”

Zak & Jenny

“Tanja helped us both purchased a townhouse in SF Bay Area and sold the same unit 2+years later due to our decision to move to a different city in CA. Tanja was excellent as a real estate agent in SF Bay Area, with her wealthy knowledge for the area, good marketing strategies, excellent customer services, and always fast responses to our calls. We are very satisfied with Tanja’s services.”

Dave & Sue

“Tanja was able to help with my 1031 exchange. She provided great background as well as an overview of the process, and what was happening in the negotiations. She found answers and was able to get back to me quickly, and made the complex exchange process painless, and before any Federal / State deadlines. Tanja was very responsive and was great at getting answers for me from the 1031 exchange company, and the Title company. I cannot recommend her enough”


The typical For Sale By Owner home sold for 23% less than agent-assisted home sales.

National Association of Realtors, 2015

90% of home buyers searched online at some point during their home buying process.

National Association of Realtors

88% of buyers purchased their home through a real estate agent or broker

National Association of Realtors