who’s got 295 google reviews and almost 5 stars?!!

who serves 22 different kinds of burgers with all the right options featuring fresh local and sustainably sourced ingredients?!!

who is a huge supporter of our local community?!!


i love them for so many reasons and i’m taking you by today because i wanted to

introduce you to the two awesome humans that are park burger, Tipu and Tic!

Hi, so park burger is a small family-owned business and we try to feed

our customers locally resource ingredients and we’re a very

kid-friendly restaurant where people come in and just enjoy the food that we serve

so how did you guys start?

we were dining at one of the restaurants in glenview and this was at the time where we were trying to have

kids i was having such a hard time and then Tipu took me out on a date…… Yeah, we had kids on

their mind and we were like there’s no real kid friendly options and we wanted to do a

restaurant that appealed to families and kids

you guys have so many different kinds of burgers… something like 22 and you have a bunch of new dishes so

tell me about your new stuff?

we have two new salads plus we started making vegan versions of some of our most popular burgers and we have vegan shakes

so everybody loves you guys and you guys are such huge supporters of our local community

so let’s talk a little bit about that ~

we are so grateful and thankful to be a part of this community we

would not be here without the help and support of our friends

and neighbors here and we try to do whatever we can to give back to our local school and non-profit organization very grateful and full of gratitude for that thank you!

Park Burger is a modern neighborhood burger joint in the Glenview neighborhood of Oakland and they were voted one of kqed’s 15 best burger spots in oakland and berkeley

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Visit them here: https://www.parkburgeroakland.com/

4218 Park Boulevard
Oakland, California 94602
(510) 479-1402
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