How to sell a house fast & for MORE Money: Selling A House during a DIVORCE in the San Francisco East Bay Area

Faster & MORE Money: Selling Your House during a DIVORCE in San Francisco East Bay Area

you’re getting a divorce you own a house

together and you need to sell it

you want to get it over and done with

but did you know

that by rushing to put the house on the

market is not necessarily

going to speed up the process and

get it all over and done with faster?!

in this video i’m going to tell you why

and i’m going to tell you strategies for

how to get your house

sold faster and from borrow money

hi my name is tanya oda gopold and i’m a

top producing agent here in oakland and

the greater east bay

area and i understand how hard it is to

sell your house and due to a divorce

divorce sucks and even when it’s done


it still sucks and you know

oftentimes when it comes to

selling your house due to a divorce the

problems aren’t usually

with a house sale itself but everything

else, right?

selling your house faster and for more


will put you both into a better position

and you will both come out ahead

with less stress all houses require some

sprucing and freshening up

after people have been living in them

for some time and if you want to sell

your house faster

and for more money it’s almost required

but i’m not talking about spending large

amounts of money

on big projects or remodeling i’m

talking about

spending just enough to make the house

look good

desirable and fresh every house is

different and they all

need different things but every house

needs something

to present it in its best light because

this is what is going to attract buyers

and entice them to make offers

so not doing any of this sprucing up

could result in your house looking like

the bargain

in its price point and category or that

there’s something going on with the


and they’re desperate to sell no one

needs to know any of your business and

your house should not look like

the sellers are going through something

right so all of this

is stuff that you want to absolutely


so what am i talking about often it’s

just a simple matter of

painting in the interior and a good deep


but it kind of depends on how hard your

family has lived in this house so

maybe um you need to have your hardwood

floors refinished because you had a big


maybe the exterior paint needs to you

know be done

maybe you gotta tidy up your landscaping

maybe you gotta replace some door that

your teenage son

punched a hole in so it all just kind of

depends on you know

how hard this house has been lived in

and it also depends on

the area what the comparable homes are

going for what do they look like

all that kind of stuff because when you

put your house on the market

you are entering in a competition and

you need to make sure that your house is

presented correctly so that it looks

attractive and desirable because this is

what’s going to draw the buyers in

the nicer the presentation the faster

the buyers will be drawn in and the

sooner you will be in contract

and don’t get me wrong i’m not saying

that your house has to be perfect

far from that i’m just saying that it

needs to be presented correctly

because you can have the most beautiful

house and if it’s not presented


it’s not gonna sell the buyers aren’t

gonna be pulled in just look at all

those for sale by owner houses

that don’t sell on top of that the

better that your house is presented

not only will you draw in buyers faster

but you may

actually be able to draw in more than

one offer which

just speaking for myself because not all

agents can do the same thing

but more than one offer gives me what i

need to be able to

negotiate more money and better terms

for my clients

and to able to pick the buyer that is

actually going to be able to close the


meaning that you will not only be able

to get more money

but you will be able to close the deal

faster and be over and done with


sooner rather than later if you like

this video make sure you check out my

other one about when to sell the house

with regard to the timing of the divorce

and if you like this video give me a

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