Divorce House Sale: How to start? What’s the timing? Let me break it down

Divorce House Sale: How to start? What's the timing? Let me break it down

are you getting divorced and you need to sell a house do you want to keep this whole thing as low stress as possible

well in this video i’m going to tell you how to create a divorce house sale plan and calendar as well as discussing some

other super important things that you need to know up front because if you’re getting divorced in the san francisco bay

area how you go about selling a house while divorcing is going to be different than what you might be reading online

from other parts of the country our market moves super fast and you need to keep it tight and organized.

Hi, my name is Tanja Odzak-Goppold, and I’m a top producing agent here in oakland in the greater east bay

area and i understand the challenges of selling a house due to divorce. divorce sucks no matter what!

and often the challenges are not with the sale of the home but in the dealings with your soon-to-be ex.

so let’s get you guys ready let’s make a

plan and let’s get it going

for this video i recommend listening all

the way through once and then once more

with the calendar in hand

i’m going to work my way backward from

the date that you want to go on the

market so that way you can start

planning the timing of the sale

so pick the date that you want to go in

the market right now from your go live

day your realtor is going to need a one

to two week prep period to get your

house ready to go on the market this is

going to be

landscaping deep cleaning staging photos

et cetera with some time belts in for

delays some

houses need a little more time some need

a little less but regardless go back

once two weeks from your go on the

market day

the other thing that you need to know is

if somebody is still going to be living

in the house while it’s on the market

it is possible to still live in the

house while it’s on the market but

honestly it’s going to be

easier if the house is vacant chances

are that once your house goes on the

market it’s going to be in escrow within

a couple weeks

and then it’s going to be sold three to

four weeks after that

it is possible to negotiate some extra

time but that’s a topic for another

video which when it is ready it will be

located up there besides your house has

to be cleared out anyway in order to go

on the market or at least

relegated to the garage the issue with

living in the house while it’s on the

market is needing to keep it super clean

and free of smells

and presentable at all times because


are going to be coming by to view the

house haphazardly throughout the day

and if you are someone who needs to work

from home due to covet

then this is not going to work for you

at all plus if your house of stages most

bare area homes are when they’re on the

market for sale

do you really want to be living in a

house full of staging and also

household staging means no pets so how

long is it going to take you to move out

of the house go back this amount of time

from the prep period then there’s

repairs and upgrades that may need to be

made for the sale

i usually sit and discuss these with my

clients in advance

because it’s highly variable it’s budget

driven and it’s going to require


generally big projects or remodels are


necessary check out my video up here to

learn more about that

but depending on the house there may be

some projects that are worth considering

make sure to get a copy of my home

sellers checklist from me

there’s a link in the comments below

here where you could just click and

request that

it’s a quick and easy guide that’ll help

give you a leg up

on getting your house ready to sell

check out my other divorce in the bay


real estate videos divorce is one of my

specialties and if you like this video

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i put out content on a regular basis and

i’d love to see you again

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