Divorce House Sale: Don’t even THINK about starting until you watch this…

Divorce House Sale: Don't even THINK about starting until you watch this...

Are you getting divorced, and need to know how to sell a house during a divorce? Do you want to get through your Divorce Home Sale without feeling like…. AHHH!!! I’m going to mentally prepare you for where the friction can be… and when possible, give you some tips on how to minimize that friction when you create a divorce house sale plan

It’s super important to maintain THAT SPACE WHERE POSSIBLE  to help keep “ALL THE FEELINGS” at bay…. Bc you need your emotions to be calm, your mind to be clear, and the whole process to be as low-stress  as possible… 

We also do things a bit  DIFFERENT here  in the San Francisco Bay Area… than what you might read online from OTHER PARTS OF the country..  So, If you’re getting divorced and selling your house out here, keep listening and make sure to CHECK OUT MY OTHER DIVORCE in the Bay Area real estate videos ! 

Hi! My name is Tanja Odzak-Goppold, and I’m a top producing agent here in the Oakland/Greater East Bay area. I understand the challenges of selling your house due to a divorce…  Divorce is really hard bc the challenges are not usually with the house sale, but in the dealings with your soon to be ex. 

The very first thing YOU SHOULD KNOW is that you do not have to sit together to discuss anything related to the house sale!  The realtor can meet with you individually,  or via a zoom where you can each be in your own safe space.  Furthermore, Each of you have the right to discuss your needs privately with the realtor and that realtor will honor your privacy and what is said.


The first is an agreement on what price to list your house for sale at…  we have our own way of pricing homes for sale in the East Bay, and the Central East Bay in particular… tends to give a lot of sellers heart palpitations.  One thing to point out is that there are really two prices that need to be discussed… 

1- LIST PRICE (meaning the price that will show when you put it on the market)  and 

2- COMPED PRICE what your house is actually valued at in today’s market based on the sales data.


If it’s been a while since you sold a home OR you’re a first time home seller, It’s important to know this up front and be ready to discuss this… because it sometimes takes a minute to wrap your head around the concept, and be comfortable with it.  People can come to this understanding at different speeds, and it’s important to give it some time to soak in. You can ask for a market trends report to show this trend and look at the comps.


BUDGET/repairs/upgrades/home prep

NEXT IS  agreeing on a budget.  All houses require some sprucing and freshening up after people have lived in them for some time….  If you want to sell the house faster, and for more money… it’s basically required.  

It’s best to set a budget up front, with a plan that will follow.  An agreement will need to be reached on which repairs or upgrades need to be done, and which home prep needs to be done for going on the market.  This part is not usually fast, bc we need to get some sub-contractors to come through and get some estimates, before making a final plan.

MAKE SURE,  to get my HomeSeller checklist from me… there’s a link in the comments below where you can request it.  It’s a quick and easy guide that will give you a leg up on getting your house ready to sell.

Again, I just want to remind you that you should feel comfortable to discuss your needs privately.  Your realtor is your advocate, and will honor your privacy and what is said.

CHECK OUT MY OTHER DIVORCE in the Bay Area real estate videos on my Facebook business page and on my Youtube channel !    Divorce is one of my specialities.  AND Feel free to reach out to me, Tanja Odzak-Goppold, Keller Williams, FOR ANYTHING, At ANY TIME… if you have any questions… Just CALL ME!  I’m always here to help, putting people before profits.

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