Community Spotlight Video! Octagon Community Acupuncture; Acupuncture in Oakland CA

Community Spotlight! Octagon Community Acupuncture... Affordable and Clothed!

is your body jacked up?

maybe from stress?

maybe from sitting in front of the computer too much?

or maybe just from living our new way of life?

acupuncture is a proven treatment that a lot of people find helpful

but it can be really costly especially if you go in for multiple treatments

community acupuncture is a way to make it much more affordable

Hi! this is Tanja Odzak-Goppold with Keller Williams

i wanted to introduce you to octagon community acupuncture

here in the Temescal neighborhood of Oakland

this is Ananda-  she’s a licensed acupuncturist and co-owner here at octagon community acupuncture

Ananda, what is community acupuncture?

community acupuncture means you receive treatment in a relaxing group

setting which means that we can keep our treatments affordable

so that people can come in more often and get better results

we’re a sliding scale clinic from $25 to $50 dollars per treatment

What are most people coming in for?

I would say the top four things are: stress, anxiety, insomnia, and most importantly immune support

How are you making it safe for people right now?

we are keeping our patients safe by having a strict screening process

requiring masks at all times having three HEPA filters running, and

reducing our patient flow to 30% capacity

every station is spaced over 10 feet apart

and we are thoroughly spraying everything down with hypochlorous acid

the easiest way to make an appointment is to go online at

feel free to call or email us with any questions

we look forward to working with you and offering you high quality

and affordable traditional Chinese medicine

Visit Octagon Community Acupuncture, and book your Appointment at:

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