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How Much is Your Home Worth?

There are a lot of opinions out there on what your home may be worth. With the strong sellers market that we are currently seeing, everyone wants to tell you about what your home is worth and what to do with it. How do you know who to believe? Hi! I’m Tanja Odzak, Our East Bay Home brokered by eXp Realty and I’m here to help you cut through all the noise.

When determining the value of a home, key things we look at are size, condition, location, and marketing. We can’t compare a 2,000 square foot home with a 4,000 square foot home. We can’t just compare your home to others in your area, we have to look at homes that are similar in size. And, since there’s not a lot of inventory on the market, we will look at homes 200-400 square feet smaller and larger than your home, just like an appraiser would. Also, the condition of your home has less to do with age and more to do with the upkeep and upgrades. We look at things like landscaping, renovations, and modern updates. What about location? Well, when assessing your location we listen for traffic, look at proximity to freeways, big electrical towers, schools and malls, and anything else that may influence the value of your home. Oh and my favorite, and where we see agents having the hardest time with, is the marketing that is done. Proper marketing or lack thereof can drastically change what you will get for your home, even in this sellers market. 

Don’t listen to someone who says that marketing isn’t important, because big box real estate websites will “do it for you” makes a drastic difference. Especially recently, there was a glitch and homes that went up on the MLS weren’t shooting out to the big box real estate websites. Not every home in a hot market, is hot! Lots of homes don’t fit the standard mould especially in an area where we have a lot of 100 year old homes. The value you can get for your home can influence the decisions you make about your home. Make sure that you are going to the experts who have the experience and proven track record when finding out what your home is worth.

Ask me about my tiered home selling plans where you get to pick which real estate services you want and the fee you pay, offering you simplified and transparent choices! Tanja Odzak, Our East Bay Home AND eXp Realty and I’m always here to help. Reach out anytime even if you’ve just got questions. I’m more than happy to help. Putting people before profit.

I’m a Top Producing Realtor® in the OAKLAND / BERKELEY / EAST BAY AREA. I’ve been in the San Francisco East Bay Area since I came up to do my undergrad at UC Berkeley (a long time ago!), with a short stint at UC Davis while getting my Master’s. I take my duties as a Realtor® and Fiduciary very seriously, I enjoy educating my sellers and buyers along the way. Putting People, Before Profit. 

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