Ever Seen a REAL Sword Swallower?

You have one weekend left Oct 23 & 24… Northern California Rennaissance Faire!!

at Casa de Fruta, Hollister CA

A Fun day-trip from Oakland / Berkeley East Bay Area!

OK, it’s like 2 hours.. but in my opinion, TOTALLY WORTH IT! I took my kids and we had a GREAT TIME!!! Watch our video to see our shenanigans.

We *HAD* to go to the Renn Faire, there were no two-ways about it. It’s a super awesome fun outdoor festival! It didn’t happen last year because of COVID, but it is open this year! I’ve known about it for years because of all my past years of belly dancing. I don’t love it just for the belly dancers, but YOU CAN! I love belly dancing too!

It is a 6-weekend festival, and Oct 23 & 24 is the final weekend. So you have to go now or wait until next year. This festival is just some good wholesome fun… and yeah, there is a bunch of cider to drink and plenty of fine corsetry to go around, but there are also faeries, elves, knights, fools, and pirates too! I thought it was great for kids of all ages.

PRO-TIPS!!! Wear good solid shoes that are going to get super dusty, bring a hat, a backpack with a water bottle, and lots of cash! The performers appreciate your tips. Wear your costume. I always advocate sticking a cooler in the trunk of your car, with lots of ice and cold drinks and cold snacks. Go to the produce stands along the way… where you can get, are you ready? 14 Avocados for $1.

There is a lot of food, drinks, and treats inside. There are plenty of handmade gifts by various artists to be purchased too.

An easy 5-star experience!!!

The Performance Schedule!
FAQs- just read them

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