Want a F.U.N. Fall Adventure?

AWESOME Pumpkin Patch with a World Record CORN MAZE!!

Cool Patch Pumpkins, Dixon CA

A Fun day-trip from Oakland / Berkeley East Bay Area!

We wanted to get out of town and go somewhere different, ideally a day trip. We discovered Cool Patch Pumpkins! Not only is it open this year, but it has a truly, mind blowing, and incredible CORN MAZE! This maze is not just some silly little maze for kids up to age 5…. this thing is LEGIT. 40 acres! You probably don’t want to take the under 5yo’s actually. As a parent, I would say… you know your kid. Gauge them.

This killer corn maze is just 1 hour out of the Oakland / Berkeley / East Bay Area. In my opinion, it’s totally worth the drive. I took my parents and kids and we had a GREAT TIME!!! Watch our video to see our shenanigans.

PRO-TIPS!!! Wear good solid shoes, bring a hat, grab your sunscreen, and geez.. a backpack with lots of water! Wear clothes to get sweaty in. Make sure everyone hits the potty before going into the maze. Stick a cooler in the trunk of your car, with lots of ice and cold drinks and cold snacks. Get some grub in Davis afterwards. Hit up Pedrick’s Produce on the way home. An easy 5-star experience!!!

Read about THE “World’s Record Corn Maze”
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