2021 Market Year in Review

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CA Real Estate Market Forecast: Part 1

Oakland / Berkeley East Bay Area, Real Estate Market Trends

When you’re thinking of selling your home or buying a new one, it’s also important to be familiar with the local market beyond the neighborhood. Here is a glimpse at the Oakland / Berkeley / East Bay Area and whats happening on the city level and in our cranny of the East Bay Area.

How about an Oakland / Berkeley Real Estate Market Update?

The range of SOLD price can be pretty huge, and the question on everyone’s mind is always.. how do you get to the higher end of that spectrum? The answer is simple, but not easy. 4 things affect the price of a home: Location, Condition, Negotiation, and MARKETING. Location can’t change. Condition can with money and time. Negotiation takes experience. Marketing takes brains, knowledge, skill, and constant sharpening of one’s mental chops on the part of your Realtor… not experience.

WHY is it important to have the best possible marketing around? Because more exposure = More Money in your pocket when it’s all said and done.

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