Got a HORRIBLE HOME to Sell?

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Selling a home in horrible condition and need a sensitive professional? Terry & Tanja understand what it takes. We have seen terrible situations and we don’t get intimidated. We just want to help and have multiple solutions for every situation!

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Take the pain out of selecting a Realtor to sell your Horrible Home. Choose Terry & Tanja and let us make your life easier. Only Terry & Tanja offer this 5 Star level of Expert Sales and Marketing.

  • We work hand-in-hand with your clean-up company to make sure the house is left in the best condition to maximize your sale
  • Protecting your family with confidential & trusted advice and service
  • Experienced. Professional. 5-Star Rating
  • Highest Level of Marketing in the Northern California
  • 33 years of combined Real Estate Experience
  • Expert Digital Marketing – Top 1% Nationwide

Selling “As-is”

Sell “as-is” and your home could be sold in as little as 1 – 2 weeks!

Remodel to Sell

Don’t let someone unlicensed do work on your most valuable asset. It could cost you TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars! What might look like “savings” could become a liability very quickly, and cost you much more than if a licensed professional was hired in the first place.

Remodel NOW and pay for it AFTER you sell your home! No upfront costs or fees. *Terms apply

Sell + Buy Discount

Sometimes it makes the most sense to sell and buy another house to avoid capital gains and add to your real estate holding. Get exclusive pricing with the Sell + Buy discount & We Sell Horrible Homes by Terry & Tanja. Terry & Tanja offer the best options and services for you!

With We Sell Horrible Homes Terry & Tanja make it EASY and SIMPLE for you. Terry & Tanja are ready to help you get through this with dignity and grace.

The Right Team, at the Right Time.

photo from actual home we sold

What Are My Options for My Horrible Home?

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Meet Tanja & Terry

From “stuff” that needs to be hauled away to hoarder situations to an unfortunate death and even crime scenes, we will present you with options few other agents have access to. Either maximize the value of your home or simply sell it super fast; just get a check and walk away! We even have options to remodel your home with no out of pocket costs and sell it for top dollar!

Give us a call and let’s get started today!

(925) 858 – 1717 OR (415) 722 – 0472

We helped the Sellers sell this home. This is an AFTER video
Another Home, Another Seller that was helped. This is an AFTER video.